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L. J. Zucca, Inc.

"At first we were not sure how we should handle our printing requirements. Should we continue to use preprinted forms or switch to "new" technology? Would it save us money? Would documents have a professional look? Would it be a hassle to install?

ICS answered our questions by providing information on reducing operating costs and by demonstrating the software on our system. At the initial demonstration of the software our very own documents were transformed into a concise format with the professional quality of laser printing. Immediately we could see the benefits: No more preprinted forms to worry about ordering or running out of; no more poor quality documents because a printer ribbon needed to be replaced, and the ability to print anywhere - not just where the forms are loaded.

Once we made our decision the staff at ICS made the installation very simple. They expertly setup our documents with attention to every detail. Layout changes were never a problem. And, ICS helped us resolve some short comings in our operational software with changes they suggested.

We are extremely satisfied with our decision to use FormSprint software to fulfill our printing requirements and would commend ICS to you as an excellent company. I would recommend this software to anyone looking for a software to print laser forms. Again the support staff is truly wonderful to work with"
-Marie Pinto, Office Manager

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Fifty Years is a long time in any business, and L.J. Zucca has been supplying the retail market with inventory since 1947. Our Motto, “BIG ENOUGH TO SUPPLY, BUT SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU.” says it all.

L. P. Shanks

"We have used FormSprint for more than 5 years.  It is very easy to use and it just works.  We have never had any down time and due to this software we no longer buy any forms.  The support we receive when we have questions is always superior.  We would highly recommend other wholesalers take a look at using FormSprint."
-Scot Shanks

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L.P. Shanks Company, now in it's third generation of business, is a wholesale grocery distributor selling mainly to convenience stores throughout Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia. The company was founded in 1923 by Luke P. Shanks.

George J. Falter Co.

"Our company has only been using FormSprint for a short time but we are already feeling its benefits. With the flick of a switch, we have been able to discontinue our pre-printed invoice forms in favor of a flash form created using FormSprint, instantly saving us money. The service we have received from ICS has been exemplary. I look forward to our continued relationship."
-Jeff Kautz,Systems Administrator

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The George J. Falter Company was established in 1878, with candy being the main commodity. Currently owned and operated by fifth generation family, the company has gone from distributing candy and tobacco to a full line distributor.

Pratts Wholesale

"FormSprint has allowed Pratts to modify forms without having to change code. It has saved us the expense and aggravation (for both and ourselves) of fussing with fine-tuning reports. I would recommend ICS to users of the products who want more complete control over their output."
-Erik Wallace

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Pratts has been a part of Western Canada since 1910, with the past 20 years being a period of intense growth and valued customer support. Under the ownership and leadership of Leonard and Eleane Baranyk and their three sons, Pratts Wholesale is a leader in Independent Groceries.

FormSprint...It just works!

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