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Below is a table of FormSprint Newsletters. The newsletters contain lots of useful tips and information about FormSprint features and functions.

Issue Topics
September 2013 Signature Manager
November 2012 FormsTrack iDelivery, Apple® iPad® and FormSprint, signature capture
September 2012 page types, User Profile: TEEX
March 2012 dynamic duplexing, IMB for Zebra printers, PDF file encryption, QR code
July 2011 HTML in email, reports on your smart phone, adding missing data
February 2011 Intelligent Mail©, Comma Separated Variable (CSV), FormSprint Power Email
April 2010 Identify when form last used, holding queue, converting data mapper to spool mapper
January 2010 FormSprint version, data file extract function, output spool file name
September 2009 Green FormSprint, saving toner, printing fewer pages, duplexing, email and fax
June 2009 Data file extract, Power Email and Power Fax, view.PDF, bug catcher
March 2009 FormSprint release 2009, PDF417 bar code, Power Email, Power PDF
December 2008 Archiving tax forms, working with macros, duplex printing, PDF/TIFF conversion
December 2008 Archiving tax forms, working with macros, duplex printing, PDF/TIFF conversion
July 2008 Cyrillic characters, Intelligent Mail© barcode, file names, email, archive database system
May 2008 FormSprint Link, propagatting buffers, MICR font in Adobe Reader, PC Designer 1.02.1
December 2007 It all adds up, math function, reformat dollar amount, add a column and subtotal
October 2007 Tax man cometh, W2 printing, printing 1099s, a new day
September 2007 Archive database system enhancements, IM barcode, User Defined Data Area
July 2007 Buffer 1, web enabled, SPOOL GRID revisited, overriding printer with USERDATA field
June 2007 Intelligent Mail barcode®, which printer, list graphics, QDN conversion utility, wingdings
May 2007 Search and Replace function, FormSprintCV, Performance tip: log jam, seeing is believing
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