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FormSprint generates all major bar codes including the USPS Intelligent Mail© Barcode, PDF417, MaxiCode and QR code. All bar codes can be scaled and rotated except where the bar code specification mandates size parameters. Variable data can be easily selected from a spool file and converted to a bar code simply by checking the desired type.

For general use such as doument identification we provide Code 39, which accepts both alpha and numeric characters and can be any length.

For compressed numeric data we provide the interleaved 2 in 5 which stores numeric data as pairs, so the bar code is half the length of the Code 39.

For shipping labels and other applications we provide code 128 subsets A, B, and C. Set A supports numerical data and upper case letters; set B adds lowercase letters; and set C supports only numerical data but in compressed format. We also provide a combined set B-C which automatically switches from character data to compressed numerical data when a sequence of numerical data is found. Code 128 specifically complies with the UCC-128 Serial Shipping Container specification.

For specialized applications FormSprint provides the United Parcel Service 2-dimensional Maxicode, and the retailer UPC code. For the US Post Office FormSprint provides both Postnet and the newly required Intelligent Mail Barcode. FormSprint also provides the Austrailian Postal Barcode.

For bulk data, FormSprint provides the PDF417 2D Barcode which stores multiple lines of data up to a total of 1700 characters. FormSprint also supports the QR code, which stores up to 362 characters and which is popular with owners of smart phones, most of which come with a QR code scanner.

3 in 9
2/5 Interleaf
Modified Plessey
Code 128 A
Code 128 B
Code 128 C
Code 128 B-C
Australia Post
QR Code
Reverse Postnet
Intelligent Mail© Barcode

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