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  • Where can I get FormSprint documentation?

    Please contact your ICS representative or call 860-657-3339 if you need FormSprint instructions and documentation.

  • How does the FormSprint editor work?

    FormSprint's Power i editor uses a coordinates-based approach to form design. Form elements such as boxes, lines, text and graphics are easily positioned using simple table entry screens. Positioning is precise up to 1/10th of a millimeter. FormSprint's PC Designer integrates with the Power i editor to provide GUI drag-and-drop form design.

  • How does FormSprint handle graphics such as a logo or signature?

    Graphics can be PCL files produced by printing a PC graphic or document to a file, or scanned images in TIFF format that have been converted to the FormSprint format with the FormSprint TIFF Conversion Utility. Graphics can be part of the fixed form or print based on variable data in the spool file.

  • What printers does FormSprint support?

    FormSprint uses HP's Printer Command Language (PCL5e) and supports PCL5e-compatible laser printers. Just about any laser printer has a PCL-emulation.

  • How can the printer be attached to the Power i?

    FormSprint can print to any laser printer attached directly to the Power i ( AS/400, iSeries, System i), through a PC or on the network. No special interface is required.

  • What fonts does FormSprint support?

    FormSprint supports all HP-compatible printer fonts and contains the MICR and OCR A fonts. Other "soft fonts" can be accommodated based on individual customer requirements.

  • What are FormSprint macros?

    Macros can be thought of as pieces of a form although the entire form can be defined as a macro. For instance, a three-page invoice form could consist of four macros; one that contains everything common to all three pages, and three that contain the unique elements of one page. Changes to the form would then only require the affected macro to be changed rather than having to make the same change in all pages. Macros can also print dynamically based on variable data so that forms can literally "build on the fly."

  • How does FormSprint handle variable data?

    FormSprint uses the data contained in a standard Power i spool file (Printer device type *SCS). The FormSprint Spool Mapper allows the manipulation of the spool file data without application program changes. Spool file data can be repositioned, reformatted, converted to a bar code, printed in a different font and many other operations to meet output requirements.

  • How does FormSprint processing work?

    FormSprint's Batch Job Controller manages the form-data merge process automatically without user intervention. Processing occurs when the application spool file is sent to a FormSprint queue. FormSprint performs the merge based on the form definition and sends the merged file to an attached printer queue. The Batch Job Controller can manage as many queues as necessary and forms can also be set up to print on any printer based on variable data.

  • How is FormSprint priced?

    FormSprint is licensed per CPU or LPAR and is not tier priced.

  • Does FormSprint run on any other platform besides the Power i?

    No, FormSprint is designed for and runs only on the Power i (System i, iSeries, AS/400).

  • What does annual maintenance and support include?

    Annual maintenance and support includes software upgrades (about one a year) and unlimited telephone support.

  • Can FormSprint print checks?

    FormSprint includes the MICR font for check printing and signature and other security for check processing.

  • Can FormSprint print bar codes?

    FormSprint supports all standard bar code symbologies.

  • Can FormSprint print labels?

    FormSprint prints labels on standard laser printers, supports PCL-compatible label printers and Zebra ZPLII label printers .

  • Can FormSprint create a PDF file?

    With the optional Power PDF conversion utility, any form or form page can be printed and/or converted to a PDF file and placed in a shared folder or in a directory in the IFS.

  • Can FormSprint email or fax?

    With optional software, FormSprint provides automatic emailing or faxing for FormSprint output.

  • Can FormSprint archive?

    FormSprint's built-in archive data base system can archive a form or form page and index the file based on up to 10 user-defined criteria. Retrieved files can be displayed (requires optional PDF conversion utility), printed, faxed and/or emailed (requires fax and/or email solution).

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