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FormSprint is IBM i (iSeries AS/400) forms software designed to laser print business forms (invoices, purchase orders, checks, labels, etc.). It replaces static preprinted forms on line printers with dynamic electronic forms. With complementary modules, FormSprint provides document management including printing, emailing, faxing, conversion to PDF or TIFF and archiving without application program changes.

ICS software and services may be tailored to meet the needs of your organization. For complicated installations with multiple forms TurnKey FormSprint takes the burden off your shoulders. For one quoted price, including travel and expenses, ICS will provide FormSprint software, custom modules if required, forms and any consumables such as check stock and MICR toner plus on-site installation and user training. TurnKey FormSprint will have your FormSprint applications installed, tested and in production quickly with little impact on busy IT personnel.

Those who prefer to do things themselves may choose specific software and services as needed. FormSprint allows you to create and edit forms as necessary. Initial forms may be purchased from ICS and on-site training is also available. Email, fax and PDF conversion modules can be added as needed.

FormSprint TM offers those with limited applications or IT resources the benefits of FormSprint at a lower entry cost. FormSprint TM includes three forms provided by ICS and software for production printing. Additional forms or form changes are provided by ICS for a nominal fee or the form editor may be rented for form development. Or the editor may be purchased at anytime to complete the package.

FormSprint 1-Step offers a single form and processing software. It makes even limited applications easy to cost-justify.

For more information, product demonstration and pricing call 860-657-3339 or email ICS.

hp-compatible lasers

No program changes

Checks, forms, labels

Bar codes

PC Designer

Power Email

Power PDF

Power Fax

FormsTrack iDelivery

FormSprint...It just works!

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