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FormSprint is IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i)-based forms and document mangement software. The latest version of FormSprint, version 201701, requires i5/OS V5R1 (OS/400) or later, including i 7.3.

So, what can FormSprint do and how do our customers use it? In most cases FormSprint is used to replace preprinted forms, things like invoices, checks, purchase orders and so on with laser-generated forms on plain paper. FormSprint prints to HP-compatible laser printers on the network, directly attached or through a PC. More and more customers are creating PDF files of some of their form pages, the vendor copy of a purchase order, for instance, and emailing them. FormSprint does that, too. There's even an ap for capturing comments and signatures on delivery documents using an Apple® iPad®.

In short, FormSprint does everything you would expect from a electronic forms and document management package and we like to think it does it better than our competitors. "Better? How?", you ask. Well, greater flexibility (better able to handle formatting challenges), for one thing, and better performance (faster with less impact on the system). Most of all, we think the organization behind FormSprint sets it apart. We wrote FormSprint ourselves and introduced it to the world in 1992. We didn't acquire it, get it in a buyout along with the stuff we really wanted, or graft it from a PC product. We know the software and we've encountered just about every forms-handling situation you can think of. This knowlege and experience is available to you when you purchase FormSprint.

You probably want to know what FormSprint costs, at least ballpark. Well, it depends. Some customers want ICS to set up their forms, install FormSprint and provide user training and will invest $15,000-$20,000 for a turnkey implementation. Others really only have one form or they just want to start with one form, test the waters so to speak, and will spend $2,000. But most of our customers will spend $6,500 to $11,000 initially.

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