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Laser Forms Generation

Designing new forms or modifying existing forms in FormSprint is a snap. Many applications such as laser check printing take little time and effort to set up.

Form creation and data mapping can be done on the IBM i using simple data entry tables or with FormSprint's PC Designer for "drag and drop" simplicity. Any form element can be a static part of the form page or print dynamically based on spool file input. Forms can literally build "on the fly" for maximum flexibility in meeting business requirements.

FormSprint handles simple applications quickly and easily but also manages complicated applications that other forms solutions can't. With its long list of functions for conditional printing, variable form page distribution, math functions, search and replace, and many others, FormSprint can produce the desired output without application program modifications. FormSprint prints labels, including Zebra ZPLII printer support, bar codes, tax forms, checks, invoices, statements, purchase orders and any other form required.

Document Management

FormSprint provides the flexibility to email, fax, and archive documents. Whether the form is emailed, faxed or printed can be based on spool file data. For instance, the vendor copy of a purchase order might automatically email to the vendor if there is an email address for the vendor in the spool file but print if there isn't.

Forms or form pages can also be converted to PDF or TIF format and placed in a shared folder or in a directory in the Integrated File System (IFS). A report could be placed in a directory under the IFS where users could access it. The user could print the complete report, only certain pages or simply refer to it without printing it at all. Along that same line, FormSprint can create Comma Separated Variable (CSV) files from spool file data concurrently with form processing. The CSV files can be used for reporting and data mining, among other things.

The built-in archive database system provides archiving for any form or form page with as many as 10 search parameters. Retrieved documents can be easily printed, displayed in Adobe Reader, emailed or faxed. The archive database system combined with distributed printing and other FormSprint features forms the basis of efficient, cost-effective document management based on the legendary reliability of the IBM i.

FormSprint's FormsTrack iDelivery module automatically downloads forms such as a delivery invoice to an Apple® iPad®. When delivery is made, items may be checked off, comments added and the delivery signed for on the iPad. The signature and comments become part of the document which is immediately transmitted back to the IBM i. The customer's copy is automatically emailed and information about the delivery is immediately available rather than when the driver returns to the distribution center.

There is a lot more information on this web site and if you have made it this far you'll probably want to explore other pages. The FormSprint newsletter archive is a good place to read more in-depth about FormSprint's capabilities. We hope FormSprint offers what you are looking for. We'll be glad to discuss your requirements with you anytime. Contact ICS

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FormSprint...It just works!
FormSprint...It just works!

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