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This page lists FormSprint Spool Mapper examples.  Each example can be downloaded and imported into FormSprint for use in form development.  A README file accompanies each download and includes instructions for importing the form into FormSprint and an explanation of what the example does. 

Example Description
1.   Example03112 Use  FN(EX)  and concatenation to change head
2.   Example0315 Using buffers to change fonts 
3.   Example0329 Selectively change fonts and placement
4.   Example03292 Dynamic distribution and selecting NO PRINT
5.   Example0517 Dynamic printing to more than one printer
6.   Example0518 Print NONE if amount
7.   Example05182 Report formatting for 80/132/198 characters, with variable print distribution
8.   Example05183 Increment the check number only when the page is not a continuation
9.   Example0519 Vary the outq based on spool file data; group output pages using sort routine
10.  Example0524 Print final page of two-part form only when it is the final or total page
11.  Example05242 Print a macro or graphic based on the spool file page number
12.  Example0526 Add labels to payroll check stub using macros to make stub more readable
13.  Example0602 Convert form page to TIF file and place it in a directory in the IFS
14.  Example0604 Create unique output formtype based on spool file data and  break report
15.  Example0609 Using buffers to add text, punctuation, macos or graphics to spool file data
16.  Example0629 Extract date and time for naming a PDF file placed in an IFS directory
17.  Example0719 Creating PDF/TIF file dynamically and loading it to an IFS directory dynamically
18.  Example07192 Switching dynamically between English and Spanish form version with macros
19.  Example0720 Form distribution based on spool file input queue
20.  Example0721 Breaking spool file up into individual faxes and automatically fax and print form
21.  Example0729 Creating labels using PRINT TILING
22.  Example0805 Creating a new date based on date in the spool file using MATH DATE function
23.  Example0809 Reducing printed pages by combining detail pages,  as in AP check continuation
24.  Example0817 Using the MATH function to reformat a dollar amount in the spool file
25.  Example0818 Using the MATH function to reformat columns of numbers
26.  Example0819 Printing a social security number for one state while not printing it in others
27.  Example0820 Isolating data within a group of lines without using PRINTIF or PRINTNOT function
28.  Example0823 Using HP Graphics Language (GL) to achieve special effects on variabl data
29.  Example0826 Comparing amount of a check to specified amount and printing a signature if greater
30.  Example08262 Adding variable bar codes to a work order
31.  Example08263 Adding PCL escape sequences using buffers for special formatting
32.  Example0920 Changing terms of payment based on variable data and adding appropriate text
33.  Example0927 Using EXTRACT and PAGE functions to set up page number in format: PAGE_OF _
34.  Example1004 Creating a unique name when creating a TIFF file
35.  Example1117 Specifying input feed tray by paper type based on spool file data
36.  Example11282 Using the MATH function to add a column and subtotal
37.  pagetype Controlling form pages with form type
38.  pgtypdd Controlling form pages with Dynamic Distribution
39.  disttile Clears bank notice alignment (Xs) page and tiles 3up
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