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Portrait or Landscape
In addition to normal portrait or landscape printing, FormSprint provides inverted (upside down) printing for both orientations to accommodate label printing and folding devices which require bottom first instead of head first output.
Simplex or Duplex
FormSprint prints only on the front of the page (simplex) or on the front and back of the page (duplex) if the printer is equiped with duplex capability.
Various Page Sizes
FormSprint accommodates page sizes Executive, Letter, Legal, Ledger, A4, A3, Monarch envelope, Com-10, International DL, International C5 and International B5.
Rotated Text
FormSprint can rotate fixed or variable text counter clockwise in 90 degree increments.
Multiple Fonts
FormSprint uses the printer's available fonts which on most printers include 14 styles plus Symbols and Wingdings. FormSprint also includes the MICR font for check printing as well as OCR A and B fonts. Symbol sets supported includes upright and italic Cyrillic, Roman 8, Legal and Math 8.
Bar Codes
FormSprint supports common bar code symbologies including the USPS Intelligent Mail© bar code and the PDF417 bar code.  more>>
FormSprint can print a form page, parts of a form or graphics such as a logo or signature based on variable data. Forms can literally build on the fly based on conditional printing.  more>>
In Color
FormSprint can print in color based on a user-defined color palette. The palette allows any shade based on the three primary colors.
White On Black
FormSprint will print fixed or variable data and any other form elements such as lines and boxes in a reverse, white-on-black style.
FormSprint can ...
FormSprint can sort forms or form pages based on variable data. For instance a purchase order could be sorted alphabetically based on the buyer's name.  more>>
Specify Input Tray
FormSprint can print any form page from any input tray, so a check copy, say, could be printed from an input tray containing plain paper while the check itself is printed from a tray containing check stock. The input tray can also vary depending on variable data.  more>>
Specify Output Tray
FormSprint can specify the output tray for a complete form set or by form page. A large-capacity output tray or a multiple output tray "mailbox" could be used.
Distribute Printed Output
FormSprint can distribute complete forms or form pages to any printer based on a fixed table or variable data. Form pages can also be automatically emailed, faxed or converted to PDF or TIF files while other pages can be printed.  more>>
Control Printer Finishers
FormSprint can control printer finishing equipment  more>>
Do Math
FormSprint supports mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with spool file data.  more>>
Other examples of FormSprint's capability and flexibility.  more>>

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